Are Kick Scooters Good For Long Distance?

Going from point A to point B in crowded cities is becoming increasingly challenging, hence the great number of transport alternatives at hand. A kick scooter is convenient and relatively cheaper than its electric counterpart. The big question is whether or not kick scooters are suited for long distances.

Kick scooters aren’t suited to long distances as they aren’t comfortable under such requirements. In ideal conditions, the distance a kick scooter can cover depends solely on the effort you put to move it around. So, the longer the distance, the more physically exhausting your task will become.


What’s The Maximum Distance A Kick Scooter Can Cover?

There is no official distance limit that a kick scooter can cover, as the total distance covered depends on the rider. Most kick scooters can cover speeds of around to 16km/hr (10mph) without too much trouble. Such speeds are ideal for small errands, a visit to the park, and getting to work. Based on this estimate, if you can peddle for an hour, you can cover 16 km. As long as the kick scooter is in ideal condition (flat clean road, no facing wind..), you can get the maximum speed out of it. The deciding factor in your final speed will be your effort.
If you want to get more information about factors impacting kick scooters speed, take a look at the following post.

How To Cover More Distance With Your Kick Scooter

The total distance you can cover on a kick scooter isn’t always fixed, and with the right knowledge, you can improve yours. In order to achieve this, we propose to you the following steps that you can take to increase the distance covered with your kick scooter:

Comfortable Shoes

The first thing you need to do is change your shoes into more comfortable ones. The more comfortable your shoes are, the less likely they will hurt after a while, giving you more time and distance on the kick scooter. The grip of your shoes on the ground also affects how far you’ll eventually go.

Repeated use of one pair of shoes with your kick scooter is another possible reason why you won’t cover great distances. The more use your shoes get, the more they decline until they’re no longer a viable option. So, use comfortable shoes, and change them regularly to ensure you get the best distance out of your kick scooter.

Switch Legs

Another way to maximize the distance you get on your kick scooter is to switch legs while thrusting. No matter how comfortable your shoes are, you’ll still feel the effect of all your effort after a while. Once the effects catch up with you, the ride is over, and you’ve reached the maximum distance.

Delaying the effect of your thrusting is easy once you can alternate your legs while riding. It would be best if you didn’t wait till one leg is fatigued before switching it. Once you switch, the inactive leg gets some rest before it is needed once again. The right alternation can increase your output significantly, thus enhancing your total distance covered on the kick scooter.

Stronger Thrusts

It’s simple: the more power you apply, the faster the kick scooter will go. Increasing your thrusting power boosts the kick scooter speed and, ultimately, the total distance covered. Of course, the time you spend riding will still play a role. Hence, you’ll need to maintain or improve it.

Training in the gym or with the kick scooter boosts your thrusting power. One popular method is to ride your kick scooter uphill frequently, making your task easier. Once you can master the thrusts needed to go uphill, riding on level ground or downhill becomes easier. You’ll apply your newfound power when thrusting, and your output will increase significantly.

Thrusts also happen to weaken over time, another area you can look to improve when training. You can look to maintain your thrusting intensity for s long as possible before it weakens.

Riding Posture

Posture determines how easily we fatigue, especially when riding a kick scooter. The right posture can see you ride for hours, while the wrong one will see you tired quickly. From how you stand on the kick scooter to how you peddle, it is all affected by your posture, ultimately determining speed and distance.

One underrated bonus with the correct riding Posture is you get better rest while riding. Therefore, your riding posture will determine how your inactive leg recuperates and how the active one feels. The correct posture on a kick scooter will be leaning slightly to grip the handlebar.

A Quality Kick Scooter

While improving yourself can do wonders for how much distance you cover on a kick scooter, so will improving the scooter. A quality kick scooter doesn’t always mean a new one, even though the new ones often fit the bill. Quality is defined by the nature of the internal components, especially those that directly affect speed and distance.

The tyres, bearings and other components need to be in excellent condition to get the best out of the kick scooter. Without them, your effort will have little or no influence, causing frustration. As kick scooters deteriorate with each use, changing yours will happen sooner or later. If you don’t want to change the entire scooter, you can change the individual components and still get the same results. You can read more about maintenance of your kick scooter more in details here.


Kick scooters are usually used to travel short to medium distances, to run errands or get some exercise done. Fortunately, with the right knowledge, you can get more out of your kick scooter, making it viable for long distances. Long distances may be physically taxing, so be sure to pack some snacks and water while you cover more ground on the kick scooter.


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