Are electric skateboards allowed in planes?

You like to get around town while riding your electric skateboard. You are planning to travel to another part of the country or abroad by plane. However, you want to bring along your e-skateboard for your adventure. Let me guess! You want to know whether electric skateboards are allowed on planes?

The short answer is that it depends on your airline and sometimes on the destination you’re traveling to! Some airlines ban personal mobility devices altogether, while others impose criteria when dealing with the question. The best and safest option for you is to check with your air company before you decide if you can bring your board. Carry on reading this post if you want to explore the subject in more details!

Factors that determine if you can bring your electric skateboard on a plane

The following will be based on the established rules by the Federal Aviation AdministrationOpens in a new tab.. The FAA is a US government agency making the regulations for civil aviation. If you’re traveling on a US airline, FAA rules should apply. However, we strongly advise you to check with your air company the rules on play, whether it is a US or non-US based airline!

Let’s get to the technicalities: the 2 main factors to consider here are battery power and the board’s dimensions and weight.

Battery power

It corresponds to how much energy your battery is able to store and as a a result how long your device can function. It also affects how much time is needed for a full charge. Also, battery power is expressed in Watt-hours (Wh).

The FAA states that the standard requirement for your electric skateboard to be allowed on an airline is a maximum of 160 kwh.

In such a situation, you should be able to carry your electric skateboard with you as a carry-on. Failing this, you should be able to check it with your luggage.

If your battery is lower than 100 kwh, which is uncommon, you should also be able to carry it along with you.

The only restriction applies once your electric skateboard has a power rating greater than 160 kwh. If this is the case, you shouldn’t bother taking it with you.

Once you have verified the power rating and it is below 160 kwh, nevertheless, you’ll want to confirm with the airline before packing it up.

Board dimensions and weight

If your battery is within the required range, you now need to worry about your board size and weight!

In most cases, there is no specific criteria designed for e-skateboard size. You should confirm the allowed size for checked or carry-on luggage. This way, if your e-skateboard can’t be taken as carry-on , you’ll be at least able to take it in in the other category.

The most commonly accepted dimension limits are 157cm (62inches) length and 22 Kg (50pounds) weight.

If the airline doesn’t explicitly ban electric mobility devices, you should be fine with respecting the specified dimensions and weight in your baggage allowance. But once again, check with your airline before engaging in your journey to avoid bad surprises!

What do I do if my electric skateboard isn’t allowed on a plane?

With airlines having the final say on whether you can fly with your electric skateboard or not, it is out of your hands. In that light, you can be prepared regardless of what the airline says. It’s a common response to get from airlines that you can’t travel with your electric skateboard. Rather than going through the trouble of verifying your board’s power capacities, airlines can simply say no. In such a situation, it is important to keep a cool head and try to make them see reason. Should all else fail, then you can try other alternatives rather than abandon your travel plans! We’ve picked some of the best solutions for your should you be deprived of taking your e-skateboard with you:

Remove the battery

If the battery is the biggest problem to traveling with your electric skateboard, simply remove it. When you get to your destination, you can buy another battery. The only problem here is that you probably won’t be able to return with the new battery with the same airline. If you consider such a purchase trivial, then this option is a great one. You will now need to have an electric skateboard with dimensions that are acceptable by airlines. You should ensure you call the airline to be sure you can travel with the skateboard without the battery. If this is feasible, then you have a solution to the problem at hand.

Travel by train or by bus

Trains and busses don’t have the kind of regulations airlines do when it comes to electric skateboards. There may be regulations that your electric skateboard may have to meet, but it will differ from airlines. The biggest hiccup you will face here is that trains and busses can only go certain distances. If you wish to go out of your continent, you will probably need an airline or a ship. If your trip isn’t a great one in distance though, this option should serve you well.

Rent an electric skateboard

Renting an electric skateboard may be the most practical solution available. Here, you don’t have to worry about meeting any regulations for traveling with your skateboard. Once you get to your destination, simply find a skate shop and rent an electric skateboard. The only downside here is that you don’t know what condition the device will be in. However, if all goes well, you should be able to get a great electric skateboard and enjoy the experience. Renting an electric skateboard may also prove to be a cheaper option than most other alternatives. Depending on the number of hours or days you are renting the electric skateboard, you won’t have to pay much!

Send it via courier

A courier delivers any package to a given destination for a certain fee. The fee is usually dependent on the distance and size (weight) of the package. You can send your electric skateboard ahead of you and pick it up once you arrive. The only hiccup you have to worry about is the fact that there may be a delay. If the electric skateboard is being transported by sea, it may take a few weeks to arrive. You can however get the estimated arrival date and plan your trip to coincide with the date.


In short, even if your electric skateboard meets all specifications, the airline company has still the final say!

We strongly advise you to adhere to the following checklist to avoid bad surprises at the airport!

1- Check if there is a restriction regarding electric skateboards or electric mobility devices in general.

2- Check if your battery capacity is conform to airline regulation.

3- Check your board’s dimensions and weight and if it can be transported as checked or carry-on luggage depending on your baggage allowance.

4- Call your airline company as a last confirmation! We highly insist on this step and we strongly discourage you from skipping it!

That said, we hope that this post was helpful to you in some way!


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