Are electric skateboards legal in china?

China is home to many electric skateboard manufacturers and a center for technological expansion. Demand for such devices in the chinese soil is consistently rising. This is due to its large population and especially to its urban dwellers. You plan to visit or move to a chinese city and want to know about the chinese laws governing e-skateboard. You’ve come to the right place!

So what does the Chinese law say about riding electric skateboards? Where are they allowed or prohibited?

No, they are not legal! The law simply prevents you from riding electric skateboards in most places! This may surprise most people considering that electric skateboards can be a way for people to beat traffic. However, with the nation notorious for large crowds and big vehicle traffic, safety is paramount. Officials have made it clear that the law stands this way in the interest of public safety. To avoid any punishments, you are advised to obey this law.

What kind of punishment can I get for riding my electric skateboard on the road?

As the law makes it illegal to operate electric skateboards on roadways, there are punishments attached. The punishment is meant to serve as a deterrent and prevent people from breaking the law. Whether or not the punishment seems fair, the law is in effect and should be obeyed. Some of the punishments commonly employed if you’re caught breaking the law include:


One rider claimed he got a 75 RMB fine and while it isn’t much, it isn’t the case anymore. The fines have since gone up with the current standard fine being 200 RMBOpens in a new tab.. This punishment most times isn’t employed on its own, as you can also have your board seized.

Confiscated skateboards

This is a very common punishment, where the authorities simply take your electric skateboard from you. If you ride an expensive electric skateboard, you wouldn’t want such to happen to you. It is unclear if you will get the electric skateboard back once it is seized. To simply be on the safe side, do not ride your electric skateboard on roadways.

Where can I ride my electric skateboard without getting in trouble?

While it is illegal to ride electric skateboards on roadways, some people still do it. The punishment doesn’t seem to be a deterrent as some people simply want to avoid traffic. This is why it is common to see people disregarding the law and riding electric skateboards on roadways. There are however places where you can ride an electric skateboard legally without getting in trouble. If you want to be on the safe side, these places include:

Within neighborhoods

The neighborhoods are closed off from major roads and the traffic here is less. Cars and other vehicles operate at reduced speed and more importantly, the police don’t frequent them. In many cases, the roads can be deserted, allowing electric skateboarders to operate freely. It isn’t exactly legal, but you should be able to operate here without any problems.

Bike paths

Bike paths don’t qualify as roadways so you should theoretically be able to operate here freely as well. Bike paths exist all across china, giving you ample room to ride your electric skateboard. In addition, the vehicles that operate here, do so at reduced speeds compared to roadways. This makes bike paths theoretically speaking, safer for electric skateboards.


Hutongs are narrow alleyways in a traditional Chinese neighborhood and are available in many parts of China. Hutongs are less busy than most roadways and don’t have large vehicles. The only kind of vehicles found here is scooters and others that aren’t legally classified as vehicles. Hutongs are also a safe option for electric skateboards as they operate with slow-speed vehicles.

Rules for riding an electric skateboard

More people are riding electric skateboards every day. While it may still be illegal to ride on roadways, you can still get away with it. In addition, you can ride in select places and be within your rights. In keeping with the law, you may have to obey certain laws to keep out of the radar of the police. There is no official legislation for electric skateboards but as you can ride them on bike lanes, bike laws apply.

Speed limits

Speed limits apply not only to roadways but to bike lanes as well. Bike lanes however are known to have considerably lower speed limits than roadways. Speed limits for electric bikes is 25km/h (15mph)  and this applies to electric skateboards as well. As long as you are below this speed, you are in the clear and won’t be disturbed!

Avoid cultural or heritage sites!

There are many cultural heritage sites like temples present in China. While they look empty and inviting to riders, you should stay away. These cultural sites are protected areas and riding ere may be seen as a criminal offense. If you are riding your electric skateboard and come across such a site, you should dismount and carry your board.

Use of safety gear

Safety is paramount but the law doesn’t force you to protect yourself. However, all instructions advise you to use the. Helmets, as well as shoulder and knee pads, can help prevent injuries. Without the appropriate protective gear, accidents often produce ghastly injuries. To prevent such an occurrence from happening to you, simply wear the appropriate gear.

Do we need a license?

No, you don’t need a license to operate an electric skateboard in china. This requirement exists for electric bikes but not for skateboards. With time and the rising use of electric skateboards, this law may come to apply to electric skateboards.

Do we need insurance?

No, you don’t need insurance for electric skateboards. In addition, electric skateboards don’t meet the safety standards for vehicles. Insurance is something you would normally need to protect you from collisions or injuries. However, with the way the use of electric skateboards continues to rise in China, insurance may become a possibility.

Can I ride on the sidewalk?

With electric skateboards legally prohibited in most places China, you still can operate them in neighborhoods, Hutongs and bike paths. Roadways and sidewalks are no go for you to ride you e-skateboard as it may present a risk for you and your suroundings! Remember to obey the law and don’t forget to respect te stated speed limits especially on bicycle lanes!





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