Are electric skateboards legal in Singapore?

Electric skateboards are a part of the electric mobility revolution and their use seems to be increasing daily. Whilst electric skateboards are great, laws may affect your usage of them depending on your country. It is best to be on the safe side and know where you stand on the legal side of this.

Yes, the use of electric skateboards is legal in Singapore but is subject to other criteria set forth by the Land and transport authority (L.T.A). The law governs where you can use your electric skateboard and other criteria. Once all are met, you can use your electric skateboard legally.

Where can you use electric skateboards in Singapore?

Firstly, the use of electric skateboards is no longer permitted on footpaths. With electric skateboards being considered as motorized means of transport, they are deemed unsafe on footpaths. Besides, footpaths are usually crowded, so electric skateboards cause discomfort to pedestrians. Electric skateboards also don’t meet the criteria set out for vehicles, so they cannot be used on major roads. This leaves only a handful of alternatives left for electric skateboard users. Some of the best locations where riding your electric skateboard are legal includes:

Bicycle lanes:

Bicycles and scooters fall into the same grey area as skateboards. They are unsafe for pedestrian lanes but cannot be classified as vehicles for major road usage. As bicycles have been around for a while, bicycle lanes have been created to accommodate its users. As modern devices like scooters and skateboards now belong to that category and can use such paths. Bicycle lanes exist all across the city, so you have a lane that is legally created for and can be used by electric skateboards. Note that bicycle lanes have their laws, so be wary to obey them at all times to avoid fines.

Skate parks:

Skate parks are popping up more often all across the world and Singapore is no exception. There is no shortage of skate parks all across the island of Singapore, all offering a place to ride your electric skateboard. The major criticism of skate parks is that they are expensive and don’t consider the users in this regard. They do however provide a free environment where skateboarders can freely practice the craft. Simply find a skate park close to you and enjoy using your electric skateboard.

Private property:

The law only specifies the places and pathways where you’re not allowed to ride electric skateboards. Any locations that don’t violate that law offer places where you can skateboard. Private property like your home qualifies into this criteria. What you choose to do on your private property is your business and provided you don’t hurt anyone or violate any laws, you can ride your skateboard.

Top places you can use electric skateboards in Singapore:

Some places offer a greater atmosphere for riding your electric skateboard than others. Some of the best places where you can ride your electric skateboard in Singapore include:

  • The Sommerset skateboard park: A skate park that takes beginners and amateurs into consideration. Complete with beginner-friendly ramps and professional style ramps, the Sommerset Park is one of the best available skate parks for you out there.
  • Xtreme Skate Park. This beach-themed skate park is located close to the beach. The skate park offers you separate courses for the experts and newbies. It also has a street setting with obstacles and other effects to improve your skating experience.
  • Sports Hub Skate Park: A sports park built to accommodate different kinds of sports. The park is close to the national stadium, so that can provide a bit of an attraction. This park features many sports fans and professional skaters, providing a great environment for skaters.
  • Bishan Harmony Park: If you live close to Bishan MRT, then this skate park is for you. Whilst not as spacious as other skate parks, it still has enough room for both beginners and pros to skate separately in different conditions.

L.T.A laws on electric skateboard usage

The Land and Transport Authority (L.T.A) has set forth laws that govern the roads and their usage. These laws are designed to protect road users, both pedestrians, and those driving vehicles. To avoid legal issues, you will need to be familiar with the laws about electric skateboard usage. Some important L.T.A laws include:

Minimum age requirement:

Like all vehicles on the road, there is a minimum age requirement to use an electric skateboard in public. This age is set at 16 years and anyone under this age is required to have the supervision of an adult over the age of 21. Without supervision, minors cannot ride an electric skateboard in public. Whilst minors cannot be held legally responsible for breaching this law, their guardians can. In other cases, the legal owner of the electric skateboard can and will be held responsible for a minor breaching the law. Guardians are hereby advised to provide supervision to minors and prevent any legal issues.

Mandatory registration:

All electric skateboards must be registered with the L.T.A if they are to be deemed roadworthy. The registration must be in the name of a legal adult, and if the rider is under 18 years old, their legal guardian will register it on their behalf. The registration provides your electric skateboard with a license number, much like a car’s license plate. The number must be present on your electric skateboard at all times just like a car’s license plate. For your electric skateboard to be registered, it must meet certain standards laid out by the L.T.A.

Maximum dimensions:

Just as cars have recommended speeds or mandatory speed limits on the roads, electric skateboards have them on cycle lanes as well. When riding an electric skateboard on a cycle lane, the maximum speed you are allowed to reach is 25km/hr. In addition to this, the electric skateboard cannot be wider than 70cm and must weigh less than 20kg. These dimensions in addition to other specification requirements must be met for your electric skateboard to be legal on the streets of Singapore.

Travel regulations:

You can take an electric skateboard on a plane as long as its battery capacity is below 160Wh. Anything above 160Wh and the electric skateboard will not be allowed on a plane. Battery capacities above 160Wh are dangerous to the plane especially at higher altitudes, so the law is part of the safety precautions of the plane.

Legal modifications you can make to your electric skateboard

Modifications are common with electric skateboards, but the Singapore authorities have laws in place to regulate them. Modified electric skateboards have been known to travel fast above the legal speed limit, making them illegal. In recent years, the punishment for illegal modifications has become strictly enforced and punishments are tougher. In a bid to comply with the law, and still, be able to modify your electric skateboard, here are some legal modifications you can make.

  • Wheel modifications: Decorative lights, pneumatic wheels, or other general changes can be made to the when of your electric skateboard. As long as the modification does not give your electric skateboard a major speed boost, then it is legally acceptable.
  • Battery modifications: You can also change the battery of your electric skateboard if you are not satisfied with the duration of the existing one. Your battery modification or change should only provide your electric skateboard with duration improvements, not power boosts.
  • Board modifications: Art modifications are common and no laws are preventing you from modifying your electric skateboard’s appearance. As long as there is no defamatory message or artwork on your board, then anything you wish can appear on your board.

Where can I purchase electric skateboards and accessories?

If you don’t already own an electric skateboard and wish to purchase one, you will need a vendor you can trust. You maybe have already an electric skateboards but want to make modifications or replace spoilt parts. Whatever your reason, you need access to the best, to get the best. The top places to purchase electric skateboards and their accessories include:

  • Evolve skateboards: An online store based in Singapore, evolve skateboards provides electric skateboards in compliance with all LTA The quality of skateboards provided is excellent and all shopping can be done from your home. Delivery comes straight to your doorstep once you’ve made the purchase on the websiteOpens in a new tab..
  • Decathlon: Decathlon offers you online services as well as local stores for manual purchase. Whichever style suits you, decathlon has you covered. With great services like free delivery for purchases exceeding certain amounts, the decathlon is financially friendly. Depending on your location, delivery can as quick as 2 hours. Visit a decathlon store near you or visit the website to get started
  • Lazada: Lazada offers physical purchase as well as online shopping. With excellent customer service as well as package tracking, this store offers all the best of modern services. Visit a Lazada store near you or go to the websiteOpens in a new tab. to make a purchase.


There is nothing illegal about owning an electric skateboard, though there are certainly some criteria governing the ownership of such device. Provided you do not break local laws, then you can enjoy riding your electric skateboard anywhere but the major roads and pedestrian paths.


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