10 good reasons to own a kick/push scooter

You’re probably doing some research about kick scooters and wondering whether it would be wise to buy one for your own reasons. There are a lot of positives to owning a push scooter, here is a list of 10 reasons why you should buy one!

1-  Eco-friendly solution

When it comes to green alternative means of transportation, electric bikes and scooters are usually considered the future of green transportation. However, we went through the numbers and discovered that they are not so eco-friendly as many would like to say. In fact, a study conducted by Lufthansa Innovation Hub concluded that an e-bike will emit 16g of carbon per km as an e-scooter will emit 126g per km traveled during their lifecycle. In contrast a bike will emit 8g per km and a kick scooter will emit less than that during its lifecycle.

2- Low maintenance

Thanks to the simplicity of kick scooters mechanics, usually maintenance is quite simple and has the advantage of being low cost. Here you can find some examples for your information (but keep in mind that this is not an extensive list):

  • Checks before every ride: for example you can quickly see if there are no debris blocking the rotation of the wheels, tightness of quick release levers, nuts and bolts
  • Every now and then:  the tear and wear of tires, if the wheels bearing need to be oiled
  • Repairs: usually after several thousands of kilometers of use (3000 km/ around 1865 miles for some models)

This i definitely no rocket science, but if, nevertheless, some repair got on your nerves, you can get the help of specialized shops for a few bucks.

3- Cheap investment

Nowadays, adult kick scooter prices range from around $50 for the most basic ones to several hundreds of dollars for the most premium ones. However, for around $100 you’ll be able to purchase a fine kick scooter for your daily usage. Depending on the intensity of your use, you’ll be able to quickly get a return on your investment especially given that a kick scooter needs no gas, no charging of a battery, and usually no specific insurance like many vehicles usually do.

4- Good sport

Rather than depending on electric power, kick scooters rely on muscular power to move on. Based on this, scooting counts not only as a physical activity but also as a good sport. As a matter of fact, an hour of kick-scooting at a steady pace will burn around 450 calories of energy per hour, to put things into perspective jogging will burn around 650 calories for a pace of 5.2 mph. However scooting has low impact on the joints in contrast to jogging, some doctors even prescribe it for active rehabilitation after lower limb injuries or amputations! 

So if you want to get enviable legs and increase your cardio fitness while doing your daily errands, you definitely should opt for a push scooter!

5- Quick commuting solution

For reasonable distances, commuting with kick scooters is the equivalent of traveling on foot, but on steroids. In fact, you’ll have the advantages of a commute on foot, but with 5 times the speed on average. It is of course possible to travel faster given the right conditions.

6- Less dealing with the crowd

2020 has been marked by a global pandemic outbreak, and social distanciation is one of the most used words in this context. If you, like many of us, must go to public spaces for whatever reasons, while avoiding the crowd as much as possible, public transportation is definitely a no. Commuting using a kick scooter is a convenient possibility for many people in this disturbing context.

7- Less public transportation: less stress, less hurdles and more independence

When it comes to public transportation, the first thing that comes to many of us is the stress of being often late while commuting through crammed subways. Forget about all this if you opt for a kick scooter! Scooting means less stress and hurdles, more independence and flexibility, you’ll only need your legs to push though your busy city streets!

8- Takes little space especially when folded

When compared to other alternative means of transportation, kick scooters have the advantage of being lightweight (around 5kg or 11lbs). They also have the benefit of taking little space for most models, especially for the foldable ones. You’ll barely be able to notice your folding kick scooter when you hide it under your desk when in the office, compared to the daily hurdles of finding a place to attach your bike to, and the fear of it being stolen.

9- Save money

Daily commutes usually come with different forms of expenses: if you’re using a car, keep in mind that other than gas, insurance and parking expenses you’ll probably need to take into account technical inspection fees and yearly maintenance fees. 

10- Riding a kick scooter is fun!

Well, if riding a push scooter isn’t fun, I wonder what is!

Just picture yourself riding downhill with the stereotypical hair blowing in the wind ! Imagine the feeling of freedom provided with just the power of your legs to propell you forward! All that with the possiblity of tending to your daily errands.

Kick scooters are sometimes seens as toys and sometimes as a 21st century means of transportation. Well, here at ownyourwheels.com, we believe that they have the best of two worlds: they are a practical entertaining means of transportation while being affordable and accessible to almost everybody.

Please let us know what you think about push scooters in the comments below!


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