8 tips to make your kick scooter go faster (with maintenace tips)!

The average person can travel between 8 to 10 miles in an hour without feeling fatigued. I think that this isn’t enough and I want my kick scooter to go faster. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your kick scooter faster you’re in luck. Here are eight tips to make your kick scooter go faster:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes
  2. Carry out routine maintenance
  3. Build up your endurance
  4. Use smooth roads
  5. Oil your scooter regularly
  6. Replace worn out parts
  7. Clean the kick scooter regularly
  8. Adjust the handlebars

Wear comfortable shoes

As a kick scooter is propelled solely by the rider, you will need shoes that agree with the task when on the roads. Shoes like heels or brogues don’t allow for comfort on a scooter and can ultimately hurt your feet.

You also won’t be able to keep up the peddling for long in the wrong shoes. With more comfortable shoes, however, you can peddle for as long as you need. You also don’t have to worry about getting injured with comfortable shoes as they are designed for this sort of purpose. Comfortable shoes also have a better grip on the ground and can make your thrusts more powerful and effective.

Carry out routine maintenance

A kick scooter can’t move quickly if something is wrong with it. A faulty scooter would cause you more harm than good. So, it is best to carry out regularly scheduled maintenance. This will involve actions like changing the tires or other parts of the scooter that need changing. When maintenance is regularly scheduled, it would save you any downtime. This means you don’t have to go through periods where your scooter is out of commission.

Build up your endurance

The primary source of force for the kick scooter’s movement comes from the rider. It can only go as fast as the rider can push. Kick scooter riders need to exercise regularly to build up power and endurance. This exercise needs to be exercises that are focused on building the leg muscles. Another thing that the rider needs to learn is to switch legs whilst riding. You can easily get tired when using only one leg throughout the ride. Riders need to cultivate the habit of switching legs whilst riding. This will help prevent the rider from getting tired easily.

Use smooth roads

The terrain is another factor that can make your kick scooter go faster. On a smooth road, the tires of the scooter will face no resistance and will travel smoothly. So, your effort in peddling the scooter will not be as heavy as it would need to be on other roads. It would also help to protect the tires of your scooter and save you money on repairs in the long run. Comfortable shoes also find it easier to navigate ground surfaces that are smooth and thus will help make your kick scooter faster. This is another reason why it is best to wear comfortable shoes when you ride a kick scooter.

Oil your kick scooter regularly

A common feature of metals colliding with each other is wear and tear. Over time, with each use, the metals begin to scrape off each other and collide roughly. This will in turn cause the friction between parts to become tougher, resulting in your kick scooter running slower.

Friction between parts can be improved by the use of oils. Apply oils to places where contact is frequent and it will facilitate smoother contact, and thus, improve speed. If possible, open up your scooter and apply oils in between the connections as well.

Replace worn out parts

As with all machines, parts get worn out after a while. This will happen whether the kick scooter is frequently used or not. So, even the kick scooter that has been in storage will not be exempt from deteriorating parts. You don’t have to wait till a part gives out before changing it as this could prove dangerous. Cultivate the habit of routinely inspecting your kick scooter for any indications of a part going loose or bad. If you find any of such parts, endeavor to change them before making use of the kick scooter.

Clean the kick scooter regularly

This is a basic step but can prove to be very important. Ideally, you should endeavor to clean your kick scooter before each use. If you can’t do this each time, then clean it at regular intervals. With each use, your kick scooter is bound to pick up dirt. This will be in small quantities, but when left unchecked, it accumulates. Not only will this cause the kick scooter to slow down, but it could also lead to permanent damage for the kick scooter parts. The best way to avoid any damage is to ensure you clean your sick scooter frequently. As long as your scooter is clean, it should go as fast as it can.

Adjust the handlebars

The height of the handle of the scooter is another thing that can help to improve the speed of a kick scooter. The handle of your kick scooter is adjustable and can be altered to fit different lengths. Depending on the height of the rider, the handle needs to be adjusted. The handle is best positioned in such a way that the rider’s back is arched slightly. This puts the rider in the ideal position to propel the kick scooter with as much force as they want. If the handle is too short or too long, then the rider can’t have the required effect on the kick scooter.

Reasons your kick scooter is slow

It is possible to do everything right and still encounter problems. After taking the appropriate steps, you may still realize that your kick scooter is slow. If you have been doing all that is necessary and you still notice this, then something could be wrong with your kick scooter. Here are some of the common causes of slow speeds in kick scooters.

The model of the kick scooter

There are many models of kick scooters available and you could just be using the wrong one. Firstly, a kick scooter may not be the right size for you. You could find it slow because it is too big or too small for you. Secondly, the different brands of kick scooters have different speeds they can achieve. All brands are built differently, and the brand you have may not be built the way you need. Thirdly, different brands are fitted with different materials. The materials used in your kick scooter may simply be a poor choice for your location and thus, seem slow.

The joins or bolts are weak

The kick scooter is dependent on the close contact between its parts. Most of its parts are connected and held together by bolts and nuts. The more you use the kick scooter, the more this connection gets loose. Once this occurs, you will begin to find that the kick scooter begins to slow down as well as feel a bit rickety. Not only will your kick scooter be slow, but it will pose a potential hazard if not rectified. So, you should check and tighten the bolts of the kick scooter. If you can’t do it yourself, then you can take it to a repairman and have them do it for you.

Tires are ruined

With each use, the tires of your kick scooter are put under strain. After a while, the tires will burn out and no longer be smooth. Part of the function of a smooth tire is to generate speed for the kick scooter. Once the tire is no longer smooth, then the kick scooter won’t be as fast as it used to be. It is easy to spot a faulty tire, so when you notice one, you can change it. Once you have changed the bad tires, you should notice an increase in the speed of the kick scooter.

The time of the year

This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the season of the year can affect the speed of your kick scooter. Seasons like winter make the roads a bit slippery and make the kick scooter flow smoothly across the terrain. In harsher weather, the terrain can become uneven and cause the kick scooter to be slower than usual. So, in different weather conditions, you could consider changing the tires of the kick scooter as there are special tires made to cope with climate conditions. 

Your kick scooter’s time is up

The final thing to consider is that it is time to give up the old scooter. After a while, it may simply be time to get a new scooter. No matter how many changes you make, the kick scooter may not seem to be getting any faster. At some point, it isn’t the same scooter anymore and it is time to get a new one.

Maintenance tips for your kick scooter

In a bid to help your kick scooter last for a long time, and to prevent any major damages, you need to maintain it. Maintenance goes beyond just cleaning your kick scooter, so you need to know the right things to do. Maintenance will also save you money on repair and part changes when done properly. Here are some maintenance tips to help prolong the life of your kick scooter:

Box it up when it’s out of commission

Whenever you aren’t using the kick scooter for a long period, you should pack it up. If you don’t do this, you face some problems like rust or other issues that come with storage. If you don’t feel like boxing it up, you can simply store it somewhere that is properly aerated and has no presence of water. Water can cause substantial damage to your kick scooter so you should also dry it properly after each time you clean the scooter. Proper preservation will maintain the condition of the kick scooter when it is not in use. When you need it again, you can simply take it out in the same condition. An added benefit of proper preservation is that if you choose to sell the kick scooter, it will be in great condition.

Take it apart to clean

Earlier, we stated the importance of cleaning your kick scooter. It is a good way to speed up your kick scooter, but it also helps to prolong the usage of the kick scooter. Each time you take apart your kick scooter to clean it, you will be able to notice anything wrong with it. This way, you can prevent any problems from developing in its infancy. You will also have your kick scooter looking clean and new regularly. It is worth noting that each time you take it apart, you can oil the contact areas to help improve the speed. In the end, always remember to assemble it back probably. If you can’t do it yourself, you can get a professional to do it for you.

Fasten all joints and connections

With each use, the bolts and joints of the kick scooter gradually come undone. Without proper care and attention, the scooter will eventually come apart. So, you need to regularly tighten all the bolts of the scooter. This will also help to prevent your kick scooter from posing health risks as it causes serious injuries if the kick scooter comes undone. So, not only will you maintain your kick scooter, but you will also avoid any potential health risks.


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