Are kick scooters lame ? 10 reasons that prove the opposite !

Riding a push scooter can be a beautiful experience. Recently, most people think that scootering is probably a lame idea with reasons best known to them.

A push scooter isn’t lame. This is because it serves as one of the most practical and eco-friendly mean of transport equipment .Aside from that, it allows you to save some gas that could be consumed by driving a car.

Have you been considering whether purchasing a push scooter is worth it or not? Do you think riding one is a lame action? Then, hang on to this article. In a short time, we shall discuss the reasons why push scooters are worth every penny; let’s get on it!

10 Reasons why push scooters are cool

Asides from being a fun equipment for easy transportation, other health benefits are attached to riding a push scooter. That said, here are some of the amazing reasons why push scooters shouldn’t be considered lame:

1. It helps you to balance your body better

As you grow older, you begin to find the need to get better at body balancing. Balancing your body helps you to walk and move around comfortably with ease. In other words, you can be able to control your body movement effectively when you’re properly balanced. If you’re lacking in this aspect of your life, riding a push scooter will help you to become better and even perfect at it.

2. Great option for fun and exercises

We all may already understand that exercises play a key role in ensuring that the body system remains healthy and in good shape. The beautiful part of riding a push scooter is that it doesn’t always appear as though you’re exercising. Why? Because you’re having fun while at it. Scootering is a pleasant way of burning those unhealthy calories in your body. With consistent riding of a push scooter, you get a chance to improve your level of activity and get into the right body shape.

3. Enhances your fine motor skills

If you’re not able to move your hands and fingers properly, completing tasks will almost be impossible for you. Nobody ever wants this to happen to them and that’s why there’s a constant need for improvement. If you have a growing child, this is one of the best reasons why you should introduce them to push scooters. It helps children with low muscle tone to improve their fine motor skills. If they are allowed to ride in an outdoor setting, they can learn how to grip and also stay balanced. With consistency, the hands and feet become much stronger and this will in turn lead to better completion of personal tasks such as buttoning of their shirts.

4. Saves the cost of gas

There’s always a strong desire to save up some money the moment we find a better alternative. In this case, this applies to the cost of gas. With push scooters, most adults can get around their normal life activities without worrying about paying for a refill of the car gas.  They are better options that you can also use to ride to your place of work,  grocery store, appointments, etc.  Many people have fallen back to this option and it won’t be a bad idea if you choose to walk this path too.

5. It accommodates both adults and children

Push scooters aren’t discriminating and as such, allows both children and adults who have the interest to use it to their satisfaction. There are lots of children-friendly push scooter options in stores and vice versa. They come with features that perfectly accommodates the size and age of the person it’s built for. Regardless of your age, there’s a space to have fun with push scooters.

6. Let’s you to spend time with family

One beautiful thing about push scooters is the fact that it allows families to create and have fun memories with themselves. We’ve seen that there are different scooters for everyone (children and adults). As a parent, you can decide to purchase one for every member of your household.  Also, you all can pick a date where you go on scooting adventures. Riding together as a family can be so much fun and you wouldn’t want to miss this for anything. If any of your children are having a difficult time riding a scooter, you can seize this opportunity and teach them the right way to.

7. They create a space for more outdoor fun!

Some people already feel as though they aren’t doing themselves good by being caged indoors always. If you fall into this category of persons, then it’s probably time to have a rethink and engage in outdoor activities such as scooting. This way, you get to experience what fresh air and sun feels like once again. Spending more time outdoors can help you to get over sad events/memories and purchasing a scooter can be a great way to start!

8.  They do not consume space

If you own a bicycle, then you must have noticed that it’s good at one thing – taking up a lot of space. With scooters, this is different. For traveling purposes, they can fit perfectly into your car as they are listed among the lightweight equipment. Even with public means of transportations, push scooters won’t ever inconvenience you or the other occupants of the vehicle.

9. Allows you to explore with ease

This is most especially for Individuals who just moved into a new environment. You can hop on your scooter and get around knowing the several nooks and crannies of the neighborhood. They do not allow you to worry so much about the traffic or obstacles that occur with driving cars.

10. Improvement of your mental health

As much as we may want to disregard it, mental health is very important in our lives. Riding a scooter may help you to get rid of anxiety, stress, and other emotional imbalances. Simply put, it relieves your mind of pressure and makes you feel better.


In the end, if you are looking for an easier means of improving the general health of your body and that of your kids, riding a push scooter can be the best option for you.

Good luck!



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