Are kick scooters legal in toronto?

Riding kick scooters isn’t complicated, and the laws administrating kick scooters in Toronto are not so numerous. However, when it comes to the law, you need to be 100% sure about what you’re permitted to do and what you’re not allowed to do so you can have a clear conscience when traveling with your kick scooter.

According to Toronto municipal law , kick scooters use is allowed on the sidewalk as long as the rider is careful and non-negligent, however it’s forbidden on the road.

Keep reading to know what the law says about non-motorized kick scooters!

Kick scooters, the law and sidewalks in Toronto

The law, or more accurately Toronto city council By-law says the following about riding kick scooters on the sidewalk: 

“Toronto Municipal Code Bylaw 950-300 stipulates that no person shall ride a bicycle, skateboard, longboard, in-line skate or roller-skates, coaster, scooter, toy vehicle, toboggan, sleight or similar device on a sidewalk recklessly or negligently or at a speed or in a manner that is dangerous to the public, having regard to the circumstances. The fine for this offence is $90.”

So unless you want to be fined $90, be careful when scootering on the sidewalk! 

What about kick scooters on the roadway?

What about kick scooters on the roadway ? Well to put plainly it’s forbidden. The main bylaw governing the use of kick scooters in the road is the ‘Traffic and Parking Code’. The specific reference is Chapter 950, Article III, Subsection 950-300, Clause D. Pedestrians’ rights and duties:

“No person shall play or take part in any game or sport upon a roadway and, where there are sidewalks, no person upon roller-skates, in-line skates or a skateboard, or riding in or by means of any coaster, scooter, toy vehicle, toboggan, sleigh or similar device, shall go upon a roadway except for the purpose of crossing the road, and, when so crossing, such person shall have the rights and be subject to the obligations of a pedestrian.”

Are kick scooters legal in parks?

The main bylaw governing the use of kick scooters in parks is the ‘Parks Code’. The reference that concerns us is Article V, subsection 608-32, Speed:

“The maximum rate of speed for vehicles, motorized recreational vehicles, bicycles and

personally powered devices in a park is 20 kilometres per hour.”

Kick scooters falls unders Personally powered devices as defined in subsection 608-1n Definitions:

“PERSONALLY POWERED DEVICE – Skate boards, roller blades, scooters or similar apparatus and includes a bicycle”

This is clearly good news as long as you don’t travel over 20 kilometres per hour!

And on bicycle lanes?


Bicycle lanes exist under 3 different variants in Chapter 886 ‘FOOTPATHS, PEDESTRIAN WAYS, BICYCLE PATHS, BICYCLE LANES AND CYCLE TRACKS’ of the Toronto Municipal Code.

However, under none of these definitions can a vehicle other than a bicycle or e-bicycle travel!

Recommendations and obligations when using kick scooters

Hey there is more to come: as far as kick scooters are concerned, not many law texts exist to talk about them. Nonetheless, we found some useful recommendations and obligations in what follows :

  • Children under the age of 18 are required by law to wear a helmet when cycling, and Toronto public health encourages any participant in wheeled activities (scooters included) to use a helmet 
  • Wearing slip resistant shoes elbow and knee pads
  • Children should be able to hold the handlebards without leaning forward
  • Brakes need to be in good working order
  • Wheels should be securely tightened, clear of debris/grass and not worn down. Worn out wheels need to be replaced

NB: those recommendations/obligations/guide lines are mainly aimed at children, but, hey, we’re in the 21st century, kick scooters are also used by adults, so of course you can apply what the law says for yourself as well!

What the law says about e-scooters 

Despite what many sources claim, electric scooters use is not yet allowed in Toronto.

We took a look at what the law says about this controversial subject, and it’s written black on white as Toronto By-law (Sub-section Cycling and the law, Electric Bicycles (E-bikes) and E-scooters):

“ “E-scooters” that are standing electric kick-scooters are not allowed to be operated, left, stored or parked on any public street in Toronto including bike lanes, cycle tracks, trails, paths, sidewalks or parks under Municipal Code Chapters 950 , 886 and 608 . Toronto City Council would need a report to Committee and then to Council to amend existing by-laws to opt in to pilot e-scooters on public streets in Toronto. Please see the July 28-29, 2020 report for more information.”

So yes, until further official notice, and as sad as it sounds you only have the right to purchase an E-scooter to use it exclusively in private spaces.

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