Do you need insurance for a kick scooter in Florida?

If you’ve lived in Florida for a long time, then you know that traffic can be a pain. Most times, you want a simple way to move around, especially when the distance isn’t much. In some cases, you simply want to exercise as you move, so you get yourself a kick/push scooter.

You do not need insurance for a kick/push scooter in Florida. Traditionally, state laws state that vehicles need to be insured, but this doesn’t apply to the kick/push scooter. The law for vehicle insurance only applies to motorized vehicles, thus, kick/push scooters, bicycles and other manual vehicles don’t need to be insured.

How to insure a kick/push scooter?

Even though you don’t have to insure a kick/push scooter, you may be better off erring on the side of caution. In cases of accidents or injuries caused by a push scooter, the owner will still be held accountable. So, in a situation where you can, it is best to get insurance.

kick scooter insurance

There is no insurance plan for a kick scooter, as it is considered relatively safe. However, with many vehicles and other high-speed motors moving around you, anything can happen. Even though there is no actual plan for kick/push scooters, there are plans that may still be able to cover you. To get your kick/push scooter insured, here are some things you can do:

Get an Umbrella insurance

Ever wondered how to insure a swimming pool? Umbrella insurance exists for reasons like this, to cover items that don’t have plans. The plan serves as an umbrella from your standard insurance plan and extends to items that don’t have specific plans. The only downside to this plan is that it doesn’t cover you, or your scooter. Instead, it acts as a plan to protect you from incurring fees for damages. So, if your scooter is the cause of an injury or damage to property, then the plan will cover these expenses.

Get a health insurance plan

Health insurance plans cover many health-related scenarios. From injuries to fatal illnesses, health insurance covers all expenses. In the same fashion, you can spare yourself expenses in the event of a scooter mishap. If you are injured in a scooter fall or a crash, you won’t have to worry about paying any medical bills. Depending on the kind of plan you operate, it could even extend to any other persons that may have been involved.

What are the law relatives to kick scooter in Florida ?

Every rider whether on a motorized scooter or a manual one has a civil responsibility to the public. This is the principle upon which the laws for vehicles are built. The laws for kick/push scooters are different as it is not a motorized vehicle. The laws for this kind of scooter are similar to the laws that apply to bicycles. The laws include:

The number of riders must not exceed the capacity the scooter is built for

Normally, a kick/push scooter is built for just one rider but there are some rare exceptions. Some scooters are built for two riders. In any case, the number of people on a scooter cannot exceed the number of people it was built for.

You must have at least one hand on the scooter’s handle at all times

This goes without saying, but it is very easy to disobey this law. In some cases, you may want to take a selfie or you want to perform a daredevil trick, so you take your hands off the handle. This is not taken lightly in Florida and is considered illegal. So, you must ensure that at least one hand is on the scooter’s handle at all times.

Obey all traffic laws

Even though kick/push scooters have no motor, they are still vehicles technically. As a result, when you are on the road, you must obey all the rules of the road that apply to vehicles.

Parents are legally responsible for their children obeying the law

Legally, a parent is their child’s guardian and has to make decisions for them. So, parents need to ensure that their children are aware of and adhere to the law and road guidelines. If a child breaches any of the state laws, then the parents will be held accountable.

kick scooter law in florida

Rules of the road for a kick/push scooter

Many of you reading this probably don’t have a kick/push scooter already but are thinking about getting one. It is worth noting that vehicles with less than four tires operate on different rules than other vehicles. You can’t just move around on your scooter without knowing the rules that apply specifically to you. Here are some rules of the road that apply directly to a kick/push scooter:

Always wear a helmet

You probably have already heard this one, but it is the most important rule there is. In accidents where the rider wasn’t wearing a helmet, 33% of the victims suffered head injuries (Source). It is illegal for anyone using a kick/push  scooter or any other manual transportation device to do so without using a helmet. Even if you are over the age, it is still advisable for you to wear one as it improves safety odds.

Stick to the sidewalk

It isn’t illegal for you to operate on the road, but it is safest when you do so on the sidewalk. In some cases, you may find yourself on a road that doesn’t have a sidewalk, what do you do? If there is no sidewalk, then stick to the lanes pedestrians and runners use, as it keeps you out of harm’s way.

Obey all traffic rules

Traffic rules apply to everyone, even pedestrians on foot. Whenever you encounter traffic signals or other notifications, please endeavor to obey them. The rules for kick/push scooters are the same for pedestrians and bicycles. So, you shouldn’t follow the traffic signals for vehicles.

Even though following all these rules may still not be enough to keep you safe, it is best to follow them. Obeying traffic laws will help to protect you, and other road users, as well as improve your survival odds if something goes wrong.

Kick/push scooter accessories to help improve your safety

In some cases, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, accidents still occur. It’s not always fatal, but it can lead to some gruesome injuries. To help improve your chances of emerging without any major injuries, or with little complications, you can take certain precautions. In addition to obeying laws, rules, and safety guidelines, you can use accessories to protect yourself. A helmet is a perfect example of an accessory that can be used to protect you from any major injuries. There are other accessories that you can use to help improve your overall safety.

These accessories include:


It’s easy to lose your grip on the handle of your scooter once you start sweating. Florida is known for the heat, so you are bound to sweat a lot. To help avoid losing control of your scooter, purchase glove and wear them when you use your scooter.

Shoulder, elbow, and knee pads

In the case of a fall, the shoulders, elbows, and knees are the most usually affected area. Shoulder, elbow, and knee pads will help absorb the blow, or at the very least, cushion the blow. So, you will avoid any major injuries by using these pads

Comfortable shoes

High heeled shoes and other work shoes don’t usually work well with kick/push scooters. Even if you are going to a meeting, it is best to make use of comfortable shoes like running shoes. This will help give you a good grip on the ground as you move. You can carry your work shoes in a bag along with you and change once you arrive at the venue.

Prevention, they say, is better than cure, and that is the case here. Simply use the right accessories and obey the rules of the road, and you will be safe.


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