Is Razor a good kick scooter brand?

Razor is one of the biggest names in kick scooters manufacturing. As a result, the company regularly finds itself on numerous lists rating best scooters, electric of human powered alike. Nonetheless, one cannot but wonder whether Razor is a good scooter brand? The answer is yes, Razor is definitely a good scooter brand.

If you want to know more about Razor and why it is a good brand, keep on reading. Let’s dive right in!

Brand history

Every great story begins with an idea! Back in 1996, a swiss banker named Wim Ouboter had trouble finding a parking place in front of his favorite restaurant. For this reason, he invented what was the first foldable kick scooter as we know it today. He then founded micro-mobility which was responsible for developing the kick scooter. And as for the manufacturing, Ouboter has partnered with JD Corporation .

Razor A kick scooter

Later in 2000, JD Corporation ended up selling a licensed version of his design as the Razor, and Razor USA was founded in 2000. Next, the first model to be sold was the famous Razor Model A Scooter. The scooter was instantly a big success: it sold more than 5 million units in just 6 months and was awarded Spring/Summer Toy of the Year by the Toy Industry Association. Until now, 34 million scooters including 13 million electric scooters were sold, making Razor the worldwide leader in scooters.

Since then, Razor had been achieving success after  success and had received many numerous awards.

Who is the target audience?

If you ask people about kick scooters brandsOpens in a new tab., a great deal of them will give your Razor as answer!  The cause is simple: it sure reminds them of childhood scooter memories or of buying one for their kid. This is due to the fact that Razor scooters were very successfully sold to kids in the 2000s. The brand indeed makes many ride on toys for kids aged from 2 years old up to teenage years.

Nonetheless and over the years, Razor has supplemented its scooters catalogue with products for adults aimed to be used for more serious daily life business.

Different categories of products

Kick scooters

20 years ago, Razor had been introduced to the market through its (still) successful Razor Model A Scooter.

And although  Razor sells many types of products, recognizing kick scooters as the core business of the brand is quite understandable. Over the long period of 20 years, the brand had managed to survive and thrive in designing and selling kick scooters. This means one thing: they certainly got better and better everyday. It doesn’t come as a surprise if the brand is considered an expert and big authority in kick scooters.

In addition to the classic kick scooter, Razor has diversified its offer depending on the intent of using the product. You can find multiple variants of scooters:

  • pro scooters: for tricks and stunts, 4 models available
  • dirt scooters: a stunt scooter designed to whithstand rides in dirt
  • big wheel scooters: for commutes and longer rides

Electric scooters

When you’re in the personal mobility business, electric scooters are a perfectly good opportunity for growth. Razor for instance, has made the choice of marketing electric scooters for recreation or first-mile / last-mile transportation, with the advantage of offering very accessible prices.

Other products

The rest of the products that Razor proposes are intended mainly for recreational use. We can cite for example hoverboards, skateboards and trikes. But again, the majority of what is proposed is intended to be used by children and teenagers. So unless your weight and height allow you to use these ride-on toys, you don’t really have much of a choice!

Great value for money

Razor kick scooters have the reputation of being very sturdy and reliable. This is possible thanks to the quality material used to manufacture the scooters. Furthermore, the simple mechanics and ease of use of the two-wheelers add to its robustness.

You’ll be pleased to know that MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) range from $39.99 for the A125 Kick up to $139.99 for the razor dirt scooter, which is able to be used in dirt! And let’s not forget the famous A scooter which comes at a MSRP of $44.99.

Most of the kick scooters come with a 6 months warranty. Replacement parts are available should you need to change wheels or any other elements. You can also get the help of authorized repair centers if you want.


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